Why the login screen re-appears requiring me to enter User Name and Password?

Our system checks that users are active on the network by using 'ping' or
'ICMP Echo Request' packets. Some firewalls like the on in Windows Xp can
disable these packets. You must then check that 'ping' packets are enabled,
read further for instructions related to Windows XP, for other Firewall
please check the related documentation.

How can I enable 'Ping' packets with Windows XP?

From the Start button open the Control Panel then Network Connections. With
the right mouse button choose proprieties for the Wireless Connection.
Select the Advanced panel. If you use Windows XP with SP1, make sure than
'Protect my computer...' is not checked. If you use Windows XP with SP2,
click Settings for Windows Firewall. Then either select 'deactivate', or
select Advanced, ICMP, check 'Allow echo request'. Click OK to confirm all

What are the areas covered by Roma Wireless?

A list is available at:

What is the cost of using Roma Wireless?

The experimental service allow unlimited access to the site of the City of
Rome and free Internet acces for one hour a day. In a later phase we
anticipate roaming agreements with the major Wireless service provider.

What is the security of Roma Wireless?

To allow access to the larger user community, Roma Wireless does not use
any cryptography on the radio communications, hence user activities may be
be intercepted with relative easiness. Access to the service implies full
acceptance of these terms, consequently the City of Roma e the service
provider does not accept any responsibility. Anyway, access to the Internet
is done using a NAT (Network Address Translation) and Firewall, to provide
a basic level of protection and control.

How do I contact Roma Wireless operators?

Email contact is: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Questo indirizzo e-mail รจ protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo.
For any urgent problem please contact : 06-40404300